Sea food Cioppino

Legend has it that this robust shellfish stew was invented by traditional fishman's soup from Italian, the Sicilian islands. In San Francisco, it is traditional eat with a lots of good sourdough bread.

1/3 cup of olive oil.

¼ good butter.

1/8 cup of sugar or rock sugar.

2 large white onion, chopped square ¾” & divided

2 leak ( tỏi tây)

1 bunch green onion, sliced (include some top).

2 red bell pepper chop square as 3/4'” or slice ½” long side.

3 large clove garlic, pound ready to fry.

1 cup of good chopped parsley, divided.

1 cup of porcini mushrooms

1/3 cup dill (củ Thìa là).

1 teaspoon dry rosemary or fresh rosemary.

1 teaspoon dry sweet basil or ½ cup of basil (Vietnamese húng quế).

1 teaspoon dried oregano

2 bay leaves.

1 teaspoon black pepper.

1 teaspoon thyme

3 fresh tomatoes big as 3” diameter. Chopped square ½”

1 small can 8oz tomato paste.

1 can 1/2lb tomato puree.

3 teaspoon fish sauce (nêm vừa ăn).

1 can of chicken broth.

2 cup of white wine or dry red wine.
Halibut or sturgean fish, white clam, New Zealand shell clam, shrimp or lobster, king crab legs, Dungeness crab, and scallop.

Pour olive oil in pot, medium-high heat, add  1/2 parts of white onion, top of green onion, all garlic. Stirring 5 min. , add 8oz tomato paste, stirring 5 min, add 3 chopped fresh tomatoes, 1 can ½ lb tomato puree, 2 bay leaf, rosemary, ½ parts of parsley, thyme,  oregano, stirring 5 min. , add 1 can of chicken broth, 2 cup white wine, stirring in 2 min. add Crab, king crab, put white claim. And New Zealand shell claim.

Add shrimp, scallop, and fish in the strain deep in soup cook 5 min. till it done and take out put a side.

Keep cook add fish sauce, rock sugar and test if taste good, before eat, pour all parsley, white onion, green onion, 1/3 cup củ thìa là, Húng quế,  2 leak chopped, mushrooms, put ¼ good butter in, cook for 17 min..  Now pour all of shrimp, fish, and scallop at last so they do not fall apart. Cook for 5min. taste it if need more fish sauce, white wine, rock sugar, if taste good then ……

The job is DONE.

PS: you can dip with serve it over linguini.

Make Garlic Bread

 A lot of whole garlics in oven, bake for a while till garlic burn the skin, take out put in the bow with whole butter, smash garlic, butter, black pepper, salt. Put on the sourdough bread cut ½  the put the bread in oven bake again till warm and eat with Cioppino.